Updates on Everything

4 Apr 2015

Website Upgrades

It's been a few weeks already, but this site actually got a nice upgrade! Instead of having a simple web server which only serves static files, I've switched to to Node.js and Express. After implementing the site in Javascript, I actually went and took the time to rewrite it again in LiveScript. Thankfully, I already had some experience in these things, so it only took about a week to do.

What does this mean, for anyone who's not familiar with this stuff? Basically, the website can now be much more dynamic. For example there's now an updated donation page which actually records donations so I can have them show up in my streams! And I might still make a public list of donations, not sure. The most important thing, really, is that I can update parts of the site more easily without much additional work required.

Life Situation

As you might have already read, I've been having serious problems with my life and also my family for quite some time now. While my situation at home hasn't changed (at least not for the better), things are rolling into place for me to move to a different family. From there, I'll hopefully be able to figure out where to go, what to do with the whole genderqueer thing, and so on ...

In other news, I think I've decided to stop torturing myself with thinking about how I'll make money / find a job to survive in this cruel world. Apparently, I might be eligible to live off child benefit for the rest of my life. That'd definitely help until I'm able to find another solution.

Minecraft Modding

As of writing this post, I've recently released another version of BetterStorage. The main reason for this release was to get the mod (specifically the crafting station) to behave properly with MineTweaker; a bugfix that's a few months late and caused me to lose interest in a modpack and server of mine. I got interested in the pack again, and I was able to find the issue and fix it.

Regarding the future of my modding endeavores, it's not looking bright. I've basically decided to stop working on anything seriously and only change and add small things for myself as I need them. For example, I have an itch to to add some hardcore functionality to Advanced Health Options: Extra lifes and the ability to revive dead players. No guarantees on whether this will actually be added though!

Anyway, my plan is to stop modding, with the exception of some personal things, and perhaps check back on what the situation is when a new Minecraft version and its modding tools are out (official or not).

Streaming, Game Engine and The Rest

Meanwhile, I've been streaming a little bit more regularely, and hopefully I'll keep this up as well. If I can, maybe I'll switch it up every day. One day of game development and one day of Minecraft.

Like I mentioned, one of the things I've been streaming is game development. I've been working on my game engine, currently called OtherEngine, which I'm not sure is ever going to see the light of day as a functional engine. But regardless, I'm having fun and the support I get is overwhelming, so I shall try my best. In case you haven't seen it yet, the game I would eventually like to bring to life with it is this monstrosity here.

I hope that's about it. Not sure if I missed something. If you're curious about anything, please, feel free to send me a message! I'd be glad to answer any questions you might have or just have a chat.

Thank you for reading, and I hope to give you some better news in the future!