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Hi, I'm Tess and I go by the name copygirl on the interwebs. I'm transgender (she/her) and my persona is a slime girl with purple / green hair who takes on the look of a human. Because I'm weird like that. πŸ’š I've been streaming irregularly on Twitch as a VTuber.

My hobbies include game development / design and playing computer games, though I'm a bit of a perfectionist and quite picky with games. I like Free / Libre Open Source software and games and am a bit of a Linux nerd.


Here are some of my current and past projects that I feel like are worth highlighting at least a bit.

Game Development


20??-2022 3D Game Engine

This dream of mine has been around for at least a decade: Build a foundation for games to be developed basically as you're playing them, to get rid of much of the friction involved in game development (and modding). I've always wanted to build my own, what I like to call "bloxel game" (think Minecraft), something that's free, open, and built on a foundation that supports and encourages modding, and a healthy community of collaboration.

Over the years there have been many attempts to crystallize this dream, using different languages (like C# and Rust), different frameworks and libraries. One thing that stuck with me was Entity Component System (ECS) architecture, and especially its implementation in the C/C++ library flecs.

Using what I've learned as an individual, I aim to build an easily extensible and moddable game engine on which I can build my dream game(s). Hopefully, it will attract other like-minded hobby game developers, so they can to work together and create fun, unique experiences which rival that of popular, well-crafted Minecraft modpacks, if not exceed them.


2022 Minecraft Modpack

A medium sized Minecraft 1.18.2 Forge modpack, originally made for a small group of friends. Has a little bit of everything hopefully without being too overwhelming. Many changes including mod configurations, recipe changes and additions, and even slight texture modifications.

Vintage Story


2021 Build With Ease


2021 Erase 85% of Chunks

Directly inspired by a mod of the same name for Minecraft (SkyChunk) made by my good friend LemmaEOF. This in turn was requested by its Twitch viewer ThatNEET_ who wanted something a mod version of TapL's Minecraft, But 99% Of The Chunks Are Removed video.

As you can imagine, it removes most of the chunks from the world generation, giving players a different way to play Vintage Story. It only applies to worlds that have been created while the mod is enabled.

screenshot.png worldmap.png


2021 Mumble Positional Audio Support

With this mod, you can enable positional audio support in Mumble for Vintage Story, meaning you can hear other players in the same voice channel and multiplayer server positionally, and optionally more quietly when they are further away. This was made with the help of my amazing friend Nikky, largely over the course of two days.


2020 – 2021 A Step in the Right Direction

This simple mod increases the step-height of players to be able to step up full blocks without having to jump. It also demonstrates Vintage Story's ability to compile mods from source, as the mod comes as a single .cs file - its source code.

The Definite Guide to Vintage Story

2020 - 2021 A Guide for Newcomers and Veterans

A website which functions as a hopefully compact guide into Vintage Story, outlining basic things from controls to basic survival tips when starting out. Also sprinkled with a number of helpful tips even experienced players might not be aware of.

Farmland Drops Soil

2019 – 2020 Precious Terra Preta

A simple mod that causes farmland to drop its respective soil type, which is especially useful for rarer soil types such as Terra Preta and Compost, which are difficult to find or make. The chance to get your soil back depends on the current nutrients in the farmland block in relation to its natural maximum nutrients.



2018 - 2021 Make mods with VS Code and .NET 5 / .NET Core

This repository, and particularly its main readme file, aims to show people through the setup of a simple code mod for Vintage Story using VS Code as the IDE and .NET 5 or .NET Core as the tooling, as opposed to using Visual Studio and older .NET Framework tools. It also functions as a template repo for other people to base their mods on, if they so choose.


2017 – 2021 Carry Your Containers

Adds the ability to pick up and carry certain blocks, including containers along with their contents, in the player's hands as well as on their back. To me, this was the logical continuation of my mods Wearable Backpacks and BetterStorage with inspiration of mods like CarryOn and Charset.

screenshot_0.jpg screenshot_1.jpg screenshot_2.png screenshot_3.png screenshot_4.png screenshot_5.png screenshot_6.png screenshot_7.png

Minecraft Mods


2020 Simplify Your Farming

A Fabric Mod for Minecraft 1.16.3 that adds pouches which stores 1 type of farmable item such as seeds, crops or other growable plants, as well as flower pouches which can store a number of different flowers. Both will suck up items as you pick them up, and allow you to place them in a 3x3 as you right click, or feed animals in a range. There was also an old Forge version of this mod.

Advanced Health Options

2014 – 2015 Customize Regeneration

Forge mod for Minecraft 1.7.10 that allowed to customize natural health regeneration (from having a full hunger bar), with the ability to select your preferred "regen mode" on world generation. This was inspired by the "Ultra Hardcore" (UHC) playstyle popularized by the Mindcrack team, and such a mode disabling all natural health regeneration also exists in this mod. However, there is additional modes which enable various levels of regeneration depending on the player's preferences.


Wearable Backpacks

2014 – 2019 Just Backpacks - Continued

Eventually, updating BetterStorage got too much work, but I did not want to give up on its backpacks. As as result, Wearable Backpacks got born, and has supported Minecraft versions from 1.10.2 to 1.12.2. It improves on its predecessor with additional configuration options and used a custom GUI framework to power its in-game config menu, even allowing you to cunfigure custom entities to spawn with backpacks.

header.png picture_1.png picture_2.png picture_3.png


2013 – 2016 Wiggly Pink Decoration

A simple Forge mod that just adds a Flamingo. Suggested on Reddit and heavily inspired by Dig Build Live: Episode 3. Adopted by Vexatos and kept alive by asiekierka, who also made it a bit of a meme - which is probably why it's stuck around this long. There is even an unreleased Vintage Story version I made.

And then there is the world-famous DJ Flamin' GO! who has graced us with his presence at various BTMs - a number of in-game conventions for people who could not go to Minecon in person.

flamingo.png flamingo_1.png dj_flamin_go_1.png dj_flamin_go_2.jpg


2012 – 2017 Alternative Storage Solutions

One of the projects I'm most proud of, BetterStorage is a Forge mod for Minecraft versions 1.4.x up to 1.7.10. I was always unhappy with the ever-expanding chests from Iron Chests and wanted to have something different, so I got inspired to make this mod. Starting with reinforced chests, which were just a little bigger than their Vanilla counterparts. It also had introduced lockers (like chests but vertically stackable, later adopted by Rustic), crates (expandable, messy storage), crafting stations (inspired by RedPower 2), armor stands (before Vanilla had them), cardboard gear and boxes as well as presents, locks, keys, and more ...

This is also where my backpacks first came from, that I fell in love with so much. (Are you allowed to do that as a creator? Falling in love with your own creations? It always seemed strange to me.) I wanted an alternative to the then existing in-inventory expansion backpacks and packs of other kinds. Something that felt more immersive and balanced. I came up with this solution: Backpacks, of which you can at maximum carry just one, because it takes up your chest armor slot. This way you had to choose between more storage and more armor. Though you could still enchant them with Protection and such.

title.png chest/screenshot_0.png chest/screenshot_gui_0.png locker/screenshot_0.png locker/screenshot_1.png crate/screenshot_0.png crate/screenshot_gui_0.png crate/screenshot_gui_1.png backpack/screenshot_0.png backpack/screenshot_1.png craftingStation/screenshot_0.png craftingStation/screenshot_gui_0.png crafting_station.png cardboard/screenshot_0.png cardboard_box.png present.png armorStand/screenshot_0.png drinkingHelmet/screenshot_0.png locking/screenshot_0.png thaumcraft/screenshot_0.png thaumcraft/screenshot_gui_0.png thaumcraft/screenshot_gui_1.png

Minecraft Tools


2015 C# Named Binary Tag Library

Once upon a time I was asked to make an NBT library for ... I think it was some sort of server-side web thingie? I haven't really heard back from them, but I still had fun making this. It looks pretty alright to this day.


2010 – 2012 Minecraft Inventory Editor

Editor for Minecraft to edit level and player data files specifically for the purpose of modifying player inventories. It loads item and block data from a file at launch and displays them in configurable groups, able to be searched. Also supports editing written books and enchantments on items, and was able to update itself when a new version was released.

INVedit/main.png INVedit/enchant.png


2009 – 2010 Named Binary Tag Editor

Editor for files in Minecraft's Named Binary Tag (NBT) format. It allowed exploring and editing files as a tree structure, including the ability to manipulate the data in any way (editing existing entries, adding and removing them) as well as searching for specific keys and values. Now superseded by other programs such as NBTExplorer.



2009 – 2010 C# Minecraft Classic Server

After going through 2 rewrites / refactors, this is the Minecraft server I worked on for a considerable time. I had a lot of fun with all these versions and made a couple of friends during this time, some of which are around to this day. The #obsidian Research community ultimately got its name from this project, starting out as an IRC channel for anything relating to it. With the support of Lua plugins, one notable achievement is the creation of Bomberman and Portal gamemodes, which gained the attention of Notch to the point where the latter was actually featured on his Tumblr blog.

copy1.png copy2.png copy3.png copy4.png copy5.png minecraft16.png minecraft17.png minecraft18.png minecraft19.png minecraft20.png minecraft21.png obsidian5.png obsidian6.png

GameMaker Games

Weiße Weihnacht

2009 – 2012 Multiplayer Snowball Fighting Game

This game was in development through multiple winters until it was finally made playable. A then-acquaintance with the name "frischideu" provided the graphics. It's a team-based snowball fighting game with two game modes: Skirmish and Capture The Flag. Included is an in-game map editor.

screen1.png screen2.png screen3.png screen4.png


2009 Puzzle Game

I created this for my mom, though I think she didn't end up playing it much. Inspired by the 1997 puzzle game Swing. Blocks continously fall down from the top and you have to click-and-drag blocks of the same color / type. By combining blocks, you create a higher tier ones (colored > metal > silver > gold > diamond), which unlock powerups that can destroy blocks on demand. When a column fills up, you lose.






#obsidian Research is a quirky community full of odd but amazing and lovely people. You're welcome to join us, as well!