Updates on Everything (2nd edition)

22 Jan 2017

It's been a while, hasn't it? Well, I'm still here, everyone! And it's time to tell you about what I've been up to, in a very similar manner to my Updates on Everything post from 2 years ago.

Website Upgrades

Wait, this all seems a little too familiar.. Whatever! What's a better point to write a blog post then to boast to people about your fancy new website. No.. it doesn't look new. That's true. It's actually the whole back end of it that has been rewritten!

Where I used Node and Express for a very dynamic site last time around, I was able to familiarize myself with Hexo, a static site generator. I'm still using an Express server to serve the files, which allows me to do some dynamic things. Additionally, I have set up git repositories on my server with git hooks that automatically regenerate the site content whenever I push to it, which makes for a very pleasant experience.

I took the liberty to hide some of the past posts I'm not so happy with. They're still there if you have the direct link, and maybe they'll come back in the future.

Also, screw LiveScript. Hate it.

Life Situation

Since the last update post, I was lucky enough to get out of the conflict-rich family environment and am now living in another family and receiving social benefits. This is a huge help, since for various reasons I doubt I could actually work like any normal human being.

In the previous post My first Reallife Adventure I talked about yunity a lot. And I've actually attended two more of these so-called "WuppDays". Though my drive to help with the project the web development site of things has died down somewhat. I'm hoping maybe another meetup with some more developers could get me back on track.

Despite heaving reasons not to, I manage to get by quite well, surprisingly. I have the feeling that my vitamin D supplimentary pills are helping a lot against depression.

I fell in love. Twice! I've had experiences and feelings I've never had before and could not be more glad to have made them.

I'm starting to tackle my transgender issue way more seriously, aiming to be able to start taking hormones for a proper transition soon. Maybe you've seen my tweet showing me wearing feminine clothes? I'm excited for the future!

Minecraft Modding

Might as well go all the way, stealing the last update post's entire layout. Not much has happened here. BetterStorage is now officially discontinued, along with all other WIP mods, though I did manage to put some effort into actually releasing the most important mod of them all: Wearable Backpacks.

Even though my priorities are currently on other things, I will try to continue working on it here and there.

Streaming, Game Engine and "The Rest"?

Very irregular streams still happen every now and then. OtherEngine is dead and EntitySystem has come to replace it. My game idea is definitely still something I want to make at some point!

I'm actually happy you made it this far in this little big blog post. As a reward (to myself), I'll share a little secret, just between you and me. It's anarchy!

Thanks for reading through this somewhat lengthy post. Stay happy and positive! 💚