The future of BetterStorage

20 Mar 2014

What's going to happen to BetterStorage when I'm not around anymore? That and other things have lead me to think about its future. I've got some (in my opinion) good ideas, a few that are already in the current version of my mod. But some of the features in it are either not what I want them to be, or they're not implemented well enough. BetterStorage has become a kind of "gimmicky" mod, which I don't want it to be. I want to make mods that feel like solid experiences, ones that do what they're supposed to, as good as they can. The code definitely isn't, especially considering it needs to be future-proof.

So here's what I'll do. I'm going to drop BetterStorage. I want to get a fresh start and work on the ideas I really want to work on, as seperate projects. One by one, in a way that makes sense, is fun and has a good chance to survive a long time.

Other than keeping my ideas alive (backpacks, drinking helmets, friendly endermen) and bringing new ones to life, I want to make some inter-mod compatibility things. So far this is what I'm thinking:

But yeah, splitting up BetterStorage into multiple mods as well as creating some new ones will make it easier to update the mods seperately and keep it interesting with new, neat, fun, balanced and interesting features.

Regarding inter-mod compatibility, I would also like to try and get some useful things into Forge itself. We definitely need an interface for mods to work with non-traditional inventories. Something else that's useful would be an interface for items that are able to store other items, like cardboard boxes and other backpack mods did, along with for example strongboxes. We shouldn't allow these to be put inside each other for infinite storage. That's something, but there's quite a bit more stuff I currently can't think of that I'd like to try and help solve, to improve modded Minecraft in any of its many forms as a whole.

That's the current state of things. I hope you at least had a slightly interesting read and maybe it even made you excited for what I have planned. Just like I am. Wheee!