Introducing: Advanced Health Options

23 Jun 2014

Finally I'm making some proper use of this little "blog" thing I have going on. I should probably set something up that'll make this sort of stuff easier rather than hand-writing all of the pages, and updating every single one whenever I want to change something ... Anyshway!!

I just want to introduce you to a new mod I was / am working on. It's called Advanced Health Options. Story time's first, so feel free to skip ahead if you're more interested in the features and future plans I have for the mod.

Basically the motivation behind the mod is that Minecraft is simply too easy, even on Hardcore. You may die out of stupidity, but it's not difficult to survive. One thing that always bumped up the excitement for me was turning off natural regeneration. One problem with it is every little bit of damage you take gets accumulated and you should really play most carefully until you get access to excess healing. This is not necessarily fun.

One interesting thing to note is that this was not the first time I wrote a mod that changes regeneration. I worked on a mod called Vanilla Adjustments before. (Oh god I forgot about this completely.) It changed a few aspects of Vanilla Minecraft that I thought made sense. It also had an option to change how long dropped items from player deaths stay around for - that'll definitely go into copycore. Either way, the mod kind of dropped into the depths of gimmicky mod hell, where it belongs!!

But what can you actually do with Advanced Health Options (or AHO for short)?

This image is really all I can show of the mod, unless you want to take a look at the config file or perhaps the source code - which is up on GitHub by the way.


Here's a few things I'm either planning to add or thinking about doing so:

I also like the way experience levels affect the amount of maximum health you have in TerraFirmaCraft. Definitely a nice mechanic, but not sure how it'd work in Vanilla Minecraft where there's actual use for it.

Either way, in case you're looking for where to download the mod just go to the mod's releases page on GitHub. As always, feel free to leave me feedback on Twitter or IRC.