Hi, I'm copygirl, or at least that's what I like to call myself these days. A number of years back I used to go by the name "copyboy", with my current name starting out as an in-joke. I'm genderqueer, and for the sake of not confusing people I prefer the pronoun "she".

I love programming and computer games, though I don't play many, am interested in science, technology, music and making the world a better place. I have troubles finding my place in society and getting enough motivation to do even the things I like doing.

Minecraft is my most favorite game and I've been playing it since over 5 years as well as developing custom server software, creating mods and modpacks, running servers and, of course, getting to know a lot of awesome people. Though as time progresses it's getting increasingly difficult to create content for it, as I'm constantly reminded of how it's not quite how I'd like the game to be. I have a game idea which I would eventually like to work on and at least get something playable from it.

I'm looking forward to creating more things for everyone to enjoy!