About me

Hello, I'm copygirl. Or at least that's what I call myself on the internet these days. I used to go by the name "copyboy" and sometimes still go by the name "koppeh", which is usually just an alternative nick for when the other one's taken.
Regarding my gender, in real life I'd still consider myself male, on the internet it'd go more towards genderqueer. copygirl has become a persona of mine, so she's allowed to be a girl.

In the future can see myself creating games, I'd love to become an indie game developer! To give you an idea where I come from: As a kid, I learned and played around a bit with Pascal and Basic and got on with HTML, CSS and some JavaScript. After that I spent a lot of time with GameMaker, started before YoYoGames, while being part of an amazing german community. I played Warcraft III a lot as well, mostly custom maps, and even tried creating my own.

And then Minecraft happened.
I started hearing about the game probably around June 2009 - as of writing this, that's almost 5 years! This is when I wrote (and rewrote twice) a custom server called obsidian, which featured things like a little portal-like gamemode. Later I wrote tools such as NBTedit (which has since been replaced by much better alternatives such as NBTExplorer) and INVedit. Around that time I started playing with awesome mods, like my most favorite one, RedPower 2. I worked on my own mods. My most prominent one would be BetterStorage, which I've worked on for over a year now, but I decided to quit it for reasons mentioned in my The future of BetterStorage post.

// TODO: Do something with life.

Last updated: 2014-04-02